Progress Report

19 March 2000 : sustained broken left fibula
mid-May 2000 : cast removed, now have an air-cast for walking on
25 May 2000 : began physical therapy. Very little movement in ankle. Still so swollen I couldn't even get my skate on my foot at this point let alone trying to skate on it.
end-July 2000 : rehab is going great - thanks to my excellent team of physical therapists at Lattimore Physical Therapy! I've been working hard going three times a week. Went out for a light skate. Still a ways to go...
mid-August 2000 : ended my physical therapy. Started skating once/twice a week and continue to do weights for ankle strength.
end-August 2000 : played shinny hockey with some friends. Felt good although I was a bit behind the plays.
early-September 2000 : started playing league hockey again. Hooray! I'm definitely a little rusty but improving.
October 2000 : I feel like my game is back! Playing three times a week again and loving it!
December 2000 : Oops!! I'm on the nine-month disabled list!
Not to worry, I'll be back for the 2001-02 season. Stopped playing hockey for now but I was able to keep skating until end-March 2001.
August 2001 : 8 weeks after baby was born and I am back on the ice. It was great! How I missed it!

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